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Celebrate Black History 2021

In celebration of Black History Month, MCTV is partnering with Millbrae ARC (Anti-Racist Coalition) to produce a new series titled “My Black American Hero.” Local youth tell the stories of Black Americans who have made an impact on their lives to show that history is one of our greatest inter-generational teachers.

How much do you know about the role Malcolm X played in the Civil Rights movement? John Henderson’s Black American Hero is the subject of Episode 9.

My Black American Hero - Malcolm X

Did you know Moses was a black woman? Lilian Chang teaches us about the life of the Harriet Tubman in Episode 8.

My Black American Hero - Harriet Tubman

Rosa Parks is one of the faces of the American Civil Rights Movement of the 20th Century. Stephanie Henderson gives us the her story in Episode 7 of our series.

My Black American Hero - Rosa Parks

Jane Bolin, a black woman who broke barriers and spent her career fighting for others, is the focus of Katelyn Chang’s Episode 6.

My Black American Hero - Jane Bolin

Brothers Cameron, Gavin and Dylan share the stage in Episode 5 to tell us about their Black American Heroes, the Tuskegee Airmen.

My Black American Hero - The Tuskegee Airmen

Episode 4 features the story of Muhammad Ali, as told by Frank Kelly.

My Black American Hero - Muhammad Ali

An Dang tells us about Mae Carol Jemison, the first black woman in space, in Episode 3. A timely celebration given NASA’s​ successful Mars Perseverance​ landing this month. An’s retelling of Jemison’s story is a reminder that people from all walks of life make a big impact in STEM, as explorers and as leaders.

My Black American Hero - Mae Carol Jemison

In Episode 2, Max Zaninovich profiles Kendrick Lamar.

My Black American Hero - Kendrick Lamar

Episode 1 features Celeste Trinity Henry, who presents to us the story of Madam CJ Walker.

My Black American Hero - Madam CJ Walker
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