Building a community, one story at a time

About MCTV

MCTV RocksMillbrae Community Television is a nonprofit organization operating as a PEG center or Public, Education and Government station. It manages the North Peninsula Community Media Center, which provides low-cost technology training and video production services. There are approximately 2,000 media centers across the country, many are the result of local governments collecting franchise fees from cable companies that operate within their boundaries.
This important telecommunication resource is administered for the public by a non-profit board of directors representing the community and funded in part by a small portion of the cable franchise agreements that cable companies have with the City of Millbrae. The Media Center allows local channels and the public to share resources and provide affordable access to cablecast local television and new media via the Internet.

MCTV currently manages a community access channel for the City of Millbrae and provides government channel management and production services to the cities of San Mateo, San Carlos and Brisbane.


To facilitate communication and provide training utilizing video and other technologies, cultivating a greater sense of community across diverse cultures and generations.


  • Create content that educates and strengthens bonds in our diverse community Help others tell their stories through the use of video and new media
  • Educate people to use the equipment necessary to tell their stories in professional, creative and useful ways
  • Encourage civic engagement among all ages.

Productions FactsArt and Wine 2015

  • We have produced: 19 live Art & Wine Festivals 17 Mills-Capuchino Football Rivalry games
  • Thousands of video clips documenting the growth of our community
  • Partners include the Millbrae Leos Club, Mills High School, Taylor MIddle School, Capuchino High
    School, the Millbrae Chamber of Commerce, the Millbrae Elementary School District, and individual producers to produce events from schools, the Library, local service organizations, churches and businesses.



As a result of the Cable Television Act of 1984, Millbrae was granted a single broadcast camera for televising public meetings. After two years of bargaining, an agreement was reached between the City of Millbrae and the cable company, which agreed to provide $57,000 toward the equipment needed to start a community television station. One of the first cities in the region to adopt PEG, Millbrae had the means to broadcast live and videotape city events even if it didn’t have the know-how at the time.


Millbrae Community Television (MCTV) is born! As a fledgling nonprofit tasked with managing the PEG station, the organization first operated out of van, then a trailer and eventually moved to a 250-square foot office at City Hall, where a small staff with barely enough elbow room managed a robust station covering local and county affairs. At the same time, MCTV began expanding its professional services to other cities.


On our 10th anniversary, MCTV inaugurated live streaming over the internet and video on demand, years ahead of our neighboring cities.


MCTV became the first community station in San Mateo County to offer live video streaming to mobile phones and tablets, both iOS and Android. We have a fiber network that reaches out to our Recreation Center, Library, Taylor Middle and Mills High schools to provide LIVE streaming video and television, courtesy of our Comcast franchise agreement.


With generous support from the City of Millbrae, MCTV opened the North Peninsula Community NPCMC Grand OpeningMedia Center in a formerly unused space at City Hall. The Media Center embodies a vision developed nearly 20 years ago by Millbrae citizens for a space in which the community can learn, share and grow by telling their stories. MCTV knows everyone and every organization has a story to tell. It is our mission to help tell those stories to our community.