Media Education

MCTV offers a wide variety of low-cost, high-quality, multimedia workshops that enable community members to produce programs and videos for television and the web using existing and emerging technologies. We strive to create an inclusive and safe environment for all members of the community; youth, adults, nonprofits and community-based organizations.

Workshops and held at the North Peninsula Community Media Center with the studio’s equipment.

Note: You don’t need to attend a workshop to submit programs to our channel!  If you already produce videos with your own equipment and you would like to submit them for channel playback on television, email


Students looking to learn more about video production or earn their communication badges for scouts are inviting to take a tour of the North Peninsula Community Media Center. The tour includes an overview of the station and an opportunity for the students to get in front of the camera and create a PSA.

The group will be given one DVD (more available upon request for a cost).The tour lasts about 45 min.

* We offer tours weekdays between the hours of 10am – 5pm. After hours and weekends may be arranged via special request.

If interested in scheduling a tour, please email Dana Sahae at or call 650-259-2343